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Curry House is a division of Indian food services and operating based in the county of West Sussex. 

The Curry House is largest and most successful Indian food takeaway in the Chichester.

Here, Curry House had delivered Indian delicious food with their honesty and best pries guaranty in Chichester.


Our Takeaway

Serving with best performance since 2005

A Few Words About Us

Serving Best performance

When it comes to owning our takeaway, every detail is important to ensure the success of our business. On any given day, restaurant owners and restaurant staff work on a wide variety of tasks, from crafting delectable dinner and providing impeccable service. To juggle these moving parts, it can be useful to have restaurant goals that guide us day-to-day activities. Below is a compilation of tips to assist us in coming up with and attaining restaurant business goals.

Our Food Policy

Food safety refers to the proper practice of preparing and storing food in order to avoid food borne illness. Food safety guidelines are flowed by every one and ensure the health of customers. 

Our Core Values

Customers feed back is most important for our progress our business grow up. 

Renowned Chefs

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Be a Part of Our Restaurant

Delivery jobs will be available farther notice.

Mr. Mokul Hossien

Founder / Head Chef

Mr. Shahid

Co-Founder / Chef